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Known World Courtesan Social @ Pennsic War 2012  topic
Haberci for Pennsic!  topic
SCA Known World Music & Dance Symposium, June 2...  topic
beledi style group improv bellydance  topic
Very clear picture of period goblet/doumbek-sty...  topic
To line or not to line...the Persian Qaba  topic
Pennsic - Haberci  topic
Acceptable documentation for Turkish and Roma?  topic
Penn U teachers  topic
Haberci 2010  topic
Haberci for Pennsic (xpost)  topic
Pennsic 2010 Zill class  topic
xpost Middle Eastern Ensemble Classes at Pennsi...  topic
i have some garb id like to sell  topic
TURKU Return to Pennsic Concert  topic
Scanning the Alhambra's writings  topic
A Day in the Middle East - Barony of Dun Carraig  topic
SCA ME group in Chicago?  topic
Al-hafla notice  topic
about this year's Folkloric Dance event at Penn...  topic
Suhaila in Cleveland,OH-gauging interest...  topic
Lots o' tops! Choli, Choli, Choli!  topic
Reiki Tent up during Pennsic this year!  topic
Haberci!!!  topic
M.E. dance expo  topic

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